The World's Going to End!

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At least that is the message we here on a regular basis from, what I like to call, the climate change occultist. 

Plants need a minimal concentration of 330 ppm of carbon to grow and ideally grow best at 1,000-1,300 ppm. Today, the current, right now, carbon level in the atmosphere is only 419.9 ppm of carbon.
Fossil records reveal that atmospheric CO2 levels around 600 million years ago were about 7,000 parts per million, compared with 379 ppm in 2005. Then approximately 480 million years ago those levels gradually dropped to 4,000 ppm over about 100 million years, while average temperatures remained at a steady 72 degrees.” ~Forbes 

Sea level along the U.S. coastline is projected to rise, on average, 10 - 12 inches (0.25 - 0.30 meters) in the next 30 years (2020 – 2050).” ~NOAA
Here is an interesting video of what suspected rise of sea levels would look like. (If the ice caps would completely melt and sea levels rose 216 ft. Nasa, after extensive scans, measurements and tests only think the levels could rise as much as 160 ft)  Link to Video Page

All of these assumptions are expected to happen between 100 and thousands of years.  Given that none of these groups past predictions have come true, most not even close, I wonder how accurate these predictions could be.  Especially since there are scientist that have come forward and admitted the models they use to make these predictions are wildly inaccurate and do not take in to account several major leading factors in what effects climate changes.  

It has been argued, by respected actual scientist, that we are built for warmer climates.  I was thinking the other day, with a drastic increase in plant production which would lead to increase of plant life, ease and availability of food production, would the rise of the oceans a few feet really be that bad? Let me propose a reason I don’t think that even big business takes the rise of sea levels seriously.  If we were really expecting to lose all major coastal cities in less than 100 years, would banks really make loans for buildings, companies and developments in those “hazard” areas, most which would be consumed by oceans in only a couple of decades given their proximity to the ocean? 

Does any of this mean that I don’t think we should be responsible and take care of our environment?  No!  In fact, I think we should do more. I think each of us could be more responsible with our impact on the world.  It should be not only personal responsibility but a point of pride and duty that we leave the place at least as good as we inherited it.  That is because we are merely borrowing the planet from future generations, our children. 

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1 year 3 months ago #3530 by Wescli Wardest
After reading what I previously wrote, it doesn't come across the way I meant it to.

Allow me to be more clear.

The oceans rising and loosing the beach fronts we have till suck. That said, the oceans have risen and fallen many times throughout history.  Ice caps freeze and melt. That is unavoidable.  But for the first time in history, a species has the ability to prevent it's own demise and deal with the ever changing environment.  We don't have to stay where the waters are going to come.  An increase in plant ability to produce would be awesome.  Especially when it comes to feeding the world. 

We can't change or control the environment.  We can reduce our affect on it but we can never eliminate our affect on the environment completely.  So, rather than be afraid and cast doom and gloom why don't we embrace what's coming and prepare for it? Change is the only universal constant.  Change will happen.  We can either benefit from it or be destroyed by it.
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I think we will be destroyed by it and that is ok, i wonder what species will survive us and if they too will destroy the only planet they have. Do you know that trees are 1000.000 more rare than gold in the universe? 
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1 year 3 months ago - 1 year 3 months ago #3535 by Wescli Wardest
Call me an optimist, but I believe that there is not only other planets that will support life in the universe but there is other life in the universe as well.  That does not mean that we are then free to destroy the planet we have.  

I do believe that our destiny is in the stars.  A compelling reason for that is that no matter what we do to this planet, no matter how pristine we keep it, the Sun is going to one day destroy it.  The only way for humanity to continue is for us to have taken to the stars. 

We know that the environment changes and has changed multiple times through out the planets history.  Even before we were here.  One of the things I find amazing about humanity is our ability to overcome obstacles. Even if we had no impact on the environment, it is going to change.  And fortunately, we possess the ability and drive to adapt and thrive even after it happens. 

As to the latest global catastrophe, even if the US and all the European countries did everything possible, it would not have enough affect to offset India and China. And we have no political control over what they do. What we do control is who we support.  If we stopped buying goods made in countries that were not compliant with a greener way of doing things, they would have to change to survive.  And this is where my pessimism kicks in… good luck getting people to not buy cheap junk they don’t need.  Especially now that the economy is not in the greatest of shapes.  People’s urge for self-preservation drives them to ignore what’s good for everyone and trade it in for what’s good for them. And “not having” seems to scare people.  Even though most of what they wouldn’t have, is completely unnecessary. 

Of course, with the geopolitical the way it currently is, the majority of people could be wiped out in WWIII, and none of what we worry about today will even matter then.
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