First Knight… An honorary title given to those that have come before us and gave thought, ideals, philosophy and efforts to improve humanity and the world they lived in. They are forever remembered in our lives and honored in these halls.

A Knight is sworn to valor.

The Knight’s heart knows only virtue;

The Knight’s word speaks only truth;

The Knight’s courage gives hope to the despairing;

The Knight’s blade defends the helpless;

The Knight’s Shield shelters the forsaken;

The Knight’s actions brings justice;

The Knight’s image brings peace;

The Knight’s code breaks darkness.




First Knight Sir Steven Jeffrey Hay (aka Sir Senan), joined 8/16/2017, was one of the founding members of the Monastic Order of Knights.  The first appointed knight for the Order, he sat on Small Council and was the Chief Membership Officer.  He helped with the creation of doctrine, rules and policy and was a mentor to many. Senan passed away in November of 2018 after a long struggle with cancer and posthumously awarded First Knight status November 26th, 2018.