The Monastic Order of Knights Believe

In a unifying force, and the sanctity of all life.

In a society that does not discriminate.

In the separation of religion and government.

In a society governed by laws grounded in reason and compassion, not in fear or prejudice.

In the opposition to the use of punishments that are cruel and or excessive to include torture.

In an absolute morality not defined by the influence of ethics, culture, religion or changes over time.

In the importance of freedom, conscience and self-determination within all structures.

And the positive influence of spiritual growth and awareness on society.


The Monastic Order of Knights Members Creed

I am a member of the Monastic Order of Knights.

My efforts are purely a labor of love.

I will develop my mind,


And spirit.

So that where there is need,

I may bring aid; and,

Where there is suffering I will bring relief.

My efforts are paid in full from the grace of my actions.

Because I am accountable for my words and deeds;

I strive to have no secret place where I hide from shame or sin;

To be equal in private as in public;

And to do unto others,

As I would like to be done unto me.

For I am a member of the Monastic Order of Knights.


The Knights Code

A Knight is sworn to valour.

The Knight’s heart knows only virtue.

The Knight’s word speaks only truth.

The Knight’s courage gives hope to the despairing.

The Knight’s blade defends the helpless.

The Knight’s Shield shelters the forsaken.

The Knight’s actions brings justice.

The Knight’s image brings peace.

The Knight’s code breaks darkness.