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Guild Hall Reference Materials

Archaeology 101 AIA.pdf                                                      Mythology- Edith Hamilton.pdf   

Archaeology_Coursebook.pdf                                                Norse Mythology.pdf

Archetypes in Mythology.pdf                                                 Introduction_to_Archaeological_Report_Writing.pdf

World History_ Cultures States and Societies to 1500.pdf

Field Archaeology Text.pdf                                                    World History Text Book


 Reading Materials


Dawkins, Richard - The God Delusion (text)

Dennett, Daniel - Breaking the Spell (text)

Harris, Sam - The End of Faith (text)

Harris, Sam - Letter to a Christian Nation (text)

Hastings, Sean., Rosenberg Paul - God Wants you Dead (text)

Hitchens, Christopher - God is not Great (text)

Konner, Joan - The Atheist's Bible (text)

Martin, Michael - The Cambridge Companion to Atheism (text)

Meslier, Jean - Superstition in All Ages (text)

Michel, Onfray - Atheist Manifesto (text)

Mills, David - Atheist Universe (text)

Nietzsche, Friedrich - The Antichrist (audio)

Nietzsche, Friedrich - Beyond Good and Evil (textaudio)

Nietzsche, Friedrich - Twilight of the Idols (audio)

Pennock, Robert - Tower of Babel (text)

Sagan, Carl - Demon Haunted World (text)

Smith, George - The Case Against God (text)

Stenger, Victor - God: The Failed Hypothesis (text)



BDEA - The Diamond Sutra (text)

BDEA - The Sutra of the Master of Healing (text)

BDEA - Debate of King Melinda (text)

BDEA - Teachings in Chinese Buddhism, by Miao Yun (text)

BDEA - Maha Satipatthana Sutta (text)

BDEA - Heart Sutra (text)

BDEA - Essentials of Buddhism (text)

BDEA - Cloud and Water (text)

BDEA - The Book of Protection (text)

BDEA - Researches in Buddhist Psychology (text)

BDEA - Ultimate Science (text)

Buddha - Dhammapada (text, audio)

Campbell, Joseph - Buddhism (audio)

Tungpa, Chögyam - Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism (text)



Bible: King James Version (text)

Allen, James - As a Man Thinketh (text)

Catholic Church - Catechism (text)

Smith, Kevin – Dogma (movie)

Quaker Advices and Queries (text)

C. S. Lewis-The Weight of Glory



Confucius - Analects (text)



Tzu, Lao - Tao Te Ching - Translated by Gia Fu Feng & Jane English (text)

Tzu, Lao - Tao Te Ching - Translated by Stephen Mitchell (text + audio)

Tzu, Lao – Tao Te Ching – Four Popular Translations (text)


Eastern Philosophy

I Ching (Richard Wilheim Translation) (text)

Barefoot Doctor - Manifesto (audio)

Harden, Dane S. – Satsujinken & Katsujinken (text)

Hoff, Benjamin - The Tao of Pooh (text)

Musashi, Miyamoto - The Book of Five Rings (text, audio)

Nitobe, Inazo - Bushido - The Warriors Code (text)

Nitobe, Inazo - The Way of the Samurai (audio)

Soho, Takuan - The Unfettered Mind (text)

Tzu, Sun - The Art of War (text) (audio)

Tsunetomo, Yamamoto - Hagakure Book of the Samurai (text)

Yukou, Lie - Liezi (audio)

Watts, Alan - Philosophies of Asia (text)

Watts, Alan - The Book (text) (audio)

Watts, Alan - The Book: Extracts (text)


Economic Philosophy

Marx, Karl - Communist Manifesto (textaudio)

Smith, Adam - Wealth of Nations (text)

The Economist - Six Big Economic Ideas (text)

Venus Project - Resource Based Economy (video)



Bhagavad Gita - (Translation: Shri Swami) (text)

Upanishads (text)



General History Resources (links)



Quran (Translation: F. Malik) (text)



Tanakh (text)

Zohar (text)


Martial Arts/Physical Wellness

Watts, Alan - Meditation (audio)

Musashi Miyamoto - Dokkodo (text)


- Hard Style

Lee, Bruce - Fighting Method (text)

Lee, Bruce - Jeet Keen Do (text)

Lee, Bruce - Power of the Dragon (text)

Lee, Bruce - Speed Training (text)

Lee, Bruce - Strength Training (text)

Kon Muay Thai (Attack & Defense) (text)


- Soft Style

Chia, Mantak - Iron Shirt Chi Kung I (text)

J.M. Mitose - What is Self Defense? (Kenpo Jiu Jitsu) (text)

Aikido - The Art Of Fighting Without Fighting (text)

Self-Defense Nerve-Centers and Pressure Points (text)

Tai Chi Forms (text)


- Combination Style

Enamait, Ross - The Underground Guide To Warrior Fitness (text)

Kim, Ashida - Secrets of the Ninja (text)

Peters, E. Michael - Knife Throwing Techniques of the Ninja (text)

Talhoffer, Hans - Medieval Combat (text)

Ninja Meditations (video)



Book of Mormon (text)

The Thirteen Articles of Faith (text)


Mythology (Incuding Comparative Mythology)

Three Initiates (Sacred Magic) - The Kybalion (text)

Campbell, Joseph - The Power of Myth (textaudio)

Campbell, Joseph - Western Quest (audio)

Campbell, Joseph - Grail Legends (audio)

Campbell, Joseph - The Hero With A Thousand Faces (audiotext)


Miscellaneous Works

Brockriede, Wayne – Arguers As Lovers (text)

Lennon, John - In His Own Write (text)

1st Earth Battalion Operations Field Manual: Evolutionary Tactics (text)

Veary, Nana - Change We Must (text)

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (text)

Dee Brown - Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (audio)

Frankl, Viktor - Man's Search for Meaning (audio)

McTaggart, Lynne - The Field (audio)

Millman, Dan - Way of the Peaceful Warrior (text)

Watts, Alan - Out of Your Mind (audio)

Star Wars - The Legacy Revealed (video)

Jiddu Krishnamurti - Freedom From The Known (text)

Coelho, Paul - Way of the Bow (text)

The Meaning of Life According to Rick & Morty (video)

Gibran, Khalil – The Prophet (text)

Conrad, Joseph – The Heart of Darkness (text)


Pagan (Including Wiccan)

 A Wiccan Bible    

Crowley, Aleister - Meditation (text)

Crowley, Aleister - The Collected Works Vol.1 (text)

Crowley, Aleister - The Collected Works Vol.2 (text)

Crowley, Aleister - The Collected Works Vol.3 (text)

Cunningham, Scott - Wicca - A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner (text)

Drew, A.J - A Wiccan Bible: Exploring the Mysteries of the Craft from Birth to Summerland (text)

Eason, Cassandra - A Practical Guide to Witchcraft and Magic (text)

Farrar, Janet., Farrar, Scott - A Witches' Bible - The Complete Witches' Handbook (text)

Gardner, Gerald - The Meaning of Witchcraft (text)

Miller, Richard - Magical and Ritual Uses of Common Herbs (text)

Hill, Greg - Principia Discordia (text)

StarHawk - The Spiral Dance (text)

Nine Noble Virtues of Asatru (text)



Dante - Divine Comedy (text)

Elliot, T. S. - Collective Works (text)

Frost, Robert - Collective Works (text)

Shakespeare - Poems (text)



Butler, Smedley - War Is A Racket (text)

Scahill, Jeremy - Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army (text)

Machiavelli, Nicolo - Various (text)

God of the Machine     


Religious (Including Comparative Religious Works)

Shamans, Sorcerers and Saints (text)

Young, William - The Shack (text)

Ham, Ken - Intelligent Design 4 Creation Vs Evolution (text)

Gods Must be Crazy (video)



Satanic Bible (text)



Hawking, Stephen - A Brief History of Time (text)

Dawkins, Richard - The Selfish Gene (text)

Lane, Nick - Power, Sex, Suicide: Mitochondria and the Meaning of Life (text)

Du Sautoy, Marcus – The Code
Episode 1 - Numbers: (video)
Episode 2 - Shapes: (video)
Episode 3 - Prediction: (video)



Marcus Aurelius - Meditations (text)

Lucius Annaeus Seneca – Letters From a Stoic (text)

Tao of Seneca – Vol 1 (text)

Tao of Seneca – Vol 2 (text)

Tao of Seneca – Vol 3 (text)


Western Philosophy

Spinoza, Baruch de, The Philosophy of Spinoza (text)

Baudrillard, Jean - Simulacra And Simulation (text)

Bandler, Richard - Frogs into Princes: Neuro-Linguistic Programing (text)

Davich, Victor - 8 Minute Meditation (text)

Leonard, George - Mastery (text)

O'Donohue, John - To Bless the Space Between Us (text)

Plato - The Republic (text)

Russell, Bertrand - Problems of Philosophy (text)

Tolle, Eckhart - The Power of Now (textaudio)

Miguel, Don - The Four Agreements (text)

Watts, Alan - The Joyous Cosmology (text)

Watts, Alan - Psychedelic drugs and the religious experience (text)

Monk, Ray - From Socrates to Turing (text)

Russell, Bertrand - A History of Western Philosophy (audio)

Epicurus - Principal Doctrines (text)

Plato - Regarding the Trial and Death of Socrates (text)

The Kybalion – The Seven Hermetic Principles (text)


Zen Buddhism

Watts, Alan - Way of Zen (audio)

Suzuki - Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind (text)

Glassman, Bernie - Bearing Witness (text)

Zengetsu - Advice to the Student (text)


Online public domain libraries you may find useful:

     Art Nerd Society - A collection of art books provided by various museums across the world.

     Authorama - General collection of public domain books from a variety of authors. Organized by author.

     Bartleby -  Mega-collection of free books organized into collections of Reference, Verse, Fiction, and Nonfiction.

     Classical Works Archive - Greco-Roman works from the Classical period, organized by author.

     EpistemeLinks - Approximately 19,000 categorized links to resources of philosophy around the Web.

     Ethics Updates - Resources and updates on current literature related to ethics.

     Feedbooks - Collection of thousands of public domain books of various subjects and genres.

     Global Grey - Nearly 2,500 free eBooks from various subjects and authors.

     History Net - Collection of resources for research on American and British history.

     Internet Archive - 9.4M texts, 2.4M videos, 2.8M audios, 120k softwares, 1.1M images, 162k concerts, 198k collections. All free.

     Internet Enclyclopedia of Philosophy - Peer-reviewed academic resource of writings on and relating to philosophy.

     Loyal Books -  Multiple genres and subjects of free eBooks and audio books.

     Marxists Internet Archive - Writings of and relating to Marxism.

     Project Gutenburg - Over 50,000 free, high-quality eBooks from various authors and subjects.

     Questia - Collection of over 5,000 free classic and rare eBooks.

     Sacred Text Archive - World's largest archive of books on religion, mythology, folklore, and the esoteric.

     Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Phiisophical works from scholars around the world of multiple disciplines.