Assault Light Sabers

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 From the Star Wars Universe, conservative Jedi goes rogue and slaughters countless jedi and civilians.  Was this driven by white supremacy?  Reportedly, Anikin Skywalker had a Face Book account where he parroted Jedi racist rhetoric and posted Zeno-phobic videos. 

Senators are now saying that something must be done about assault light sabers.  These weapons of war must be made illegal! Only those who are properly vetted and trained should be allowed to have  one of these assault light sabers.  “They’sa just too powerful to be letting people having without lot’a most-proper-like background checks” says senator Jar Jar, leader of the ban light saber opposition. “they’sa just killing all the peoples with those’a assault light sabers!”  Chancellor Palpatine vows to put an end to lightsaber violence by superseding the senate and signing an executive order thus preserving democracy.
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