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4 years 11 months ago #2764 by Brenna
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I was reading an article yesterday on the danger of being a self development "addict" the idea of constantly reaching for the next "fix" if you will of books or workshops or even following the so called gurus.

I was wondering what sort of personal development you do and why do you engage in it. Do you have specific goals in mind when you work on your development or do you just start and see where you end up?
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4 years 11 months ago #2765 by Serenity
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It is certainly a possibility that we try to improve ourselves with yet another fix , i cannot say if i am innocent of that. What i do know is that what i do to educate myself has to suit my purpose and direction , i have sometimes started courses only to find out half way that i got bored , so i stopped in the middle this to great anger of my parents :lol: it was when i had to pay for my education myself that i grew more careful and actually finished what i started. To spew of into various directions is a sign of insecurety i think , the more i think about it , the more it feels like compensation.

For someone to want a next degree is fine , for someone to take self worth out of the knowledge they have and gather. is just another way of saying , mine is bigger than yours.

So what do i do for my personal developement?

I go to the gym so i stay in shape
Follow first aid follow ups
Study Criminology so i can be of better service
Study at Mook for better insights into myself and the world around me

Think i am good for now ..:lol:
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4 years 11 months ago #2766 by Wescli Wardest
Replied by Wescli Wardest on topic Personal development

I have watched people do a similar thing before, if not exactly what you’re talking about.

I’m not real sure what leads to it but I am willing to bet a certain level of insecurity precedes it and even possibly feeds its development.

But I do have some ideas and I am certain my opinion is not of a popular nature or even socially popular. That said, I’ll try to explain. It is my opinion that because society as a whole started going down the path to “kill God” , as in remove the divine presence from our daily lives and replace it with science and experts, people have lost a sense of self and purpose. The belonging, the community and the spiritual connection seems to be missing form most people’s lives. The rapid advance of technology and people being told that they are connected to others because they respond to things that pop up on a computer screen has also fed the disconnect.

People are social animals. They are also spiritual animals. Since as far back as we can find people have congregated together and they have created religious beliefs meant to guide bond them. These seem to be two aspects of our social and personal requirements as a people.

The current loss, caused by multiple factors including scandals in religions, has left people feeling as if they are needing something. As if there is something missing. Since we, as a society, seem to still be pushing against “God” then we look to other things to fill the loss. Gurus, personal development, modern spirituality; these seem to be the trends that people are currently following. I say currently but you have to keep in mind that I am using that as in reference to the history of man. It started in the eighteen hundreds in Western societies and grew in some in popularity during the early part of the twentieth century, 1910 – 1920. It then had a huge proliferation during the 60’s of the twentieth century and has only escalated since.

I believe this has also caused an increase in other areas that negatively affect society. But that is another thread :P

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