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Preppers have given the term E.D.C. an association as “stupid” or “paranoid.” That said, there is a practical need for an Every Day Carry system. And… believe it or not, you already practice carrying an E.D.C.

When you head out every day you probably pick up your wallet or purse, and you phone, keys and some other item you feel you’re going to need given your preference or life style. You have an E.D.C. The question is, how much does that E.D.C. help? And could it be more helpful?

Members of the Monastic Order of Knights start off with the first symbol for the beginning rank is a bag. This is representative of an Alms purse or a pouch where charity can be carried. Why not bring this to more everyday use and add a practical measure! I have carried a bag for years. Being a single parent (back in “the day”) it was incredibly useful to help in keeping up with all my daughters stuff. Bottles, diapers, snacks, favorite toy and the random “hold this Daddy” item would find its way in there and be in hands reach when needed. And I have kept this practice up as I see the value in it. But now days my bag has more practical uses for me, the grown up no longer chasing a child around guy.

After consideration, I’ve come up with a personal list of things I find to be useful, or would be nice to have in an emergency, to carry in my bag. And I will go over those things and the reasons I have for adding them.

First off, the bag! I like having a bag that is big enough to carry all my stuff (and the stuff takes p far less space than you’d imagine) with plenty of room to add more. Why add more? Because; I don’t want to carry things when I’m out. If I purchase something or find something during a walk or just out and about it’s nice to have somewhere to put it where my hands are free to do other things. Like, eat a taco or give a random person a high five. LOL I also like to have my bag not stand out. I don’t want something that says, I got stuff in here you want. Or, hey look at me. It’s just a bag to carry things that I want to carry and I prefer not to have it draw attention.

Cell phone. We all have them. We take them everywhere. Many times people will leave the house and forget everything else but they will have that phone in hand. And, sometimes you need cash. Cards are nice but if you stop by a yard sale to you really want to try and by that awesome thing from some random person with your card? Most of us have protective cases for our phones. Simply take your phones protective case of, fold a fill bills in half and slip them between the case and your phone. Now, so long as you don’t lose your phone you have “emergency” money in case you get stranded and need to get an Uber home or buy that gorgeous pair of shoes you just have to have. Also, a charging cord and adapters comes in real handy when you’ve been watching videos or checking in at MOoK and your phones battery is getting low. ;)

A little flash light and extra battery for it can come in super handy. I know that there is an ap for the phone to act as a light. But try holding your phone in your mouth while using both hands to perform a task in the dark. Not so awesome or fun. Plus, a little flashlight (torch for our buddies across the pound) can get into things we just don’t want to put our phones in. They’re just handy to have.

Head phones or ear buds. I prefer buds because they take a lot less space. And, I like to be aware of what’s going on around me at all times. Headphones are not as comfortable to have over just one ear but ear buds I can put just one in and still hear what’s going on in my environment.

And, what kind of E.D.C. would it be without a knife? They’re just handy. Some people prefer a multi-tool. I carry a multi-tool when camping or hiking but for most people in most situations a simple knife with maybe a couple of options is really the most handy thing they can have. I love a good old fashion Swiss Army Knife. Not the thing that has four-hundred and thirty-two different things that you can never get to come out and the knife is so big you can’t even hold it. Just a plane-jane little Swiss Army Knife.

One item that is not needed as often but I like having one anyways is a lighter. Again, just a plane, run of the mill, one dollar lighter. Be the hero at the next birthday party when they’re trying to light the candles on the cake but no one has a lighter!

A Whistle. If you can breathe, you can make a whistle work. And people respond to whistles. They tend to carry further than your voice (unless you are blessed with an insanely loud voice) and most law enforcement and survival expert will tell you that a whistle can save your life.

If you live in the city having a few coins to deposit in meters or toll booths is handy.

Of course, a pen and or pencil is always good to have. Rather you’re leaving messages, signing a receipt, doodling on the back of something to keep from dying of boredom or performing an emergency tracheostomy, they’re good to have. Seriously, don’t try the tracheostomy unless you know what you’re doing and it is an absolute emergency!

Ziploc bags. Yes, those things you put your sandwich in to keep them “fresh” until lunch time rolls around. They are water resistant. They are NOT water proof. If you put your phone in one and then jump in a lake the odds are your phone will be completely ruined. But, if it starts raining or you’re at the amusement park and the kids want to go on a water ride, placing your phone in a Ziploc can save you a lot of head ache. Plus, you can put all the lose items in your E.D.C. bag in a Ziploc to keep them neat, organized and easy to find.

The last few items on the list are really more personal preference and many people won’t need them or be “qualified” to use them. But as a first responder and someone qualified in first aide I find them handy to have with me.

An emergency blanket. Small, compact and will probably never be used. But they are great at aiding in the treatment of shock, keeping warm when it’s cold, signaling, and several other neat tricks or self-reliance makes it a great item to have. Cord. I carry about ten feet of paracord. It’s light, strong and far more versatile than most people realize. It is made of an outer sheath and several thin inner cords. I have used them to sew up clothes, tie things together, secure lose items… good stuff. Pills… I like to carry a few ibuprofen, Benadryl and tums. If you have pills you need to take, having a few on hand at all times is a good measure. And last but not least, a water bottle. Usually I have something to drink readily available at all times but if you like having your preferred drink available and don’t want to buy or hope there’s going to be something where you’re going, carry a water bottle.

There are other things people may want to carry. And for each person an E.D.C. is something that needs to fit their needs. But I hope this has given a glimpse into how useful an E.D.C. is actually supposed to be and maybe shed some of the stigma that can get associated with the term.

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I hate having to carry a bunch of stuff wherever I go and I even find that carrying a bag is cumbersome, awkward and people look at you strangely if you aren't a parent with small children tasked with hauling around all their paraphernalia.

However, I do like having some basic items on me. I always carry my wallet, car keys, a folding knife and usually my sunglasses. This is at a minumum.

I always look around for new and easier ways to carry these basic items. I've found that the company TRAYVAX makes some good, slim wallets with additional features that are stylish, rugged and space-saving. I bought their EDC belt and it's amazing. I'm looking at getting a new wallet from them soon. They even have a model with built-in Rite-in-the-Rain notebook and pen. The bodies of their wallets can be used as tools, a bottle opener and even defensively, if necessary.

Being in the Army it's necessary to carry your stuff with you to work and back so I've decided to invest in a good bag, or "assault pack." I've found that the company GORUCK makes an amazing bag. They have many varieties but I have their basic model, the GR-1, which is great for air travel and everyday use. Well-built and simple, it is the best bag I've ever owned.

In times long ago it would've been seen as socially acceptable to carry items such as weapons openly on the belt. One would probably had plenty of pouches to carry ancilliary items. In today's society such dress and actions are shunned; especially the open display of weapons (depending on states and countries). I feel like such societal pressures are just another contributing factor to the death of the warrior caste. Look at Japan at the turn of the 20th Century where Samurai weren't permitted to openly wear their swords in public.

Not sure where I'm going with this but, I guess I'm just feeling a longing for a time I've never experienced.
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Flashbacks to a young teenager memorizing everything in the 'SAS Survival Guide' book.... important stuff like how to survive a nuclear winter etc haha.

I only have a pack where I store useful camping related bits and pieces and, instead of throwing them out, its classified as an 'emergency pack'!! I don't carry it around though, its more like a 'going bush in a hurry' type of thing - and needs a few more things to be useful in its purported role. But it exists and something is better then nothing, and this idea is a good one. Probably something I should do for my car - since I don't venture too far from that.

極代 ~ per ardua ad astra
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Ah well , always enjoy these talks about stuff that men carry around ...but yeah :lol:

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My edc grows and changes as I can afford better equipment but my tier 1 contains the following:

Notebook: Currently leather protected field notes
Pens: Currently tactical pen, utility pen, and a fisher space pen
Keys, Keys hold well keys, aspirin, cleaning cloth, clothing hook, and backup flashlight
Wallet: self-explanatory
Bracelets: One for each stage of my Jedi training
Necklace: It says amore fati , to not only bear your fate but love it
Handkerchief: self-explanatory
Knife x2: One defensive Kabar TDI, one utility Spyderco Delica
First aid supplies: RATS tourniquet and compression bandage ( large kit in my tier 2)
OC spray: Saber Red Pepper gel for less lethal defense
Kuboton: Black aluminum with point ( for secondary window breaking alongside tac pen as well as less lethal defense )
A firearm with spare mag: Glock 21
Personal Totem: Black bag with personal items inside.
Flashlight: Small pocket light ( larger longer light in tier two )

All of this fits in my cargo pants with my tier two going in my school bag when I leave the house for extended periods of time.
Old tier 1 EDC
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