New year, new goals

6 years 1 month ago #1262 by Wescli Wardest
Happy New Year!!!

And with the new year comes new opportunity. A new start to the new year and a chance to set new goals.

I am very proud of our members and the efforts of everyone last year; and, all we accomplished. Even with the late start we showed that we can come together and achieve a lot. Lets get an early start this year and see what we can do together!

I suspect that this winter will be harsh and who knows what spring and summer will bring. And unfortunately, I suspect there will be many that need help this year. We can all help out at soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters and by giving to those less fortunate. And I would like to see is come together to do something as a group.

For those in the area, California has suffered the worst wildfire on record. I'm sure there will be opportunities for those that live near there to help out. And perhaps the rest of us can focus on raising funds to help out. Many groups will be focusing on families and housing. And I'm sure there is at least one group trying to accomodate and care for lost pets or animals that have been separated from their homes. If it's agreed on, I'd like for us to consider raising funds to aid one of the group's in CA that are looking after the pets and/or animals that no longer have a home.

Any thoughts?
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6 years 1 month ago #1267 by Brenna
Replied by Brenna on topic New year, new goals
There are a number of shelters that have taken in and are either rehoming or fostering out animals abandoned or lost during the fire. I know that they need funds, fosters and social media sharing of the animals to help find their owners. even something as small as resharing a picture with people you know in those areas can help.

There is one that Ive already made a small donation to if we are looking for one to support.
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