Receiving Charity

5 years 3 months ago #2636 by Wescli Wardest

An interesting change of roles…

For most that know me would probably agree that I am a pretty self-sufficient individual. I like to be in a position where I not only do not require help from others but am able to provide that help or assistance to others.

This weekend we had a pretty good winter storm. Snow, several inches, covered my property and then on Sunday freezing rain came in followed by ridiculously low temperatures and strong winds. Long story short, my yard and drive was a giant block of ice that looked like snow come Monday morning.

I fought the elements with my truck until I was finally able to get out and on the open road. Purchased 400 lbs. of salt and got back home. I used a hoe, rake and snow shovel trying to break through and get the stuff melted so that my wife and I could get out and go to work the next morning… and was being defeated by Mother Nature’s handy work. After hours of toil I was tired and frankly felt defeated. I had resolved to fighting with it again in the morning and just staying home again if needed. SO I took off my boots and sat down to finish off the evening.

Not an hour later the dogs went to barking so I looked up and out the window to see what the issue was. And what did I behold? An angel riding a chariot! Okay, it was the neighbor on a New Holland tractor with a front end loader. LOL

He informed me that he was on his way to clear another neighbors drive and noticed mine was covered; and, wanted to know if I’d like it cleared. I was like hot dang yah! I’ve met him before and he seems a nice enough guy but I never suspected he would come to my rescue. At least I never considered myself one that would be in a position to need rescuing… that is normally my job! LOL

So I gratefully stood by and watched him on his little machine of mercy make short work of a seemingly devastating situation. And pondered how odd it felt to be on the receiving end of help. In a way it was a lesson in humility. And I am grateful he was willing to help me out and give me the opportunity to learn it.

I seem to be blessed with having great neighbors. And I am grateful.

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