Why do we need God?

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Why do we need God? 

I have had a lot of people tell me that you can be good person and not believe in god.   Sure.  One can be a good person and not believe in God.  And one can be a bad person and believe in God. So, why do we need God? 

Let’s look at what governs our ethical behavior.  Morals.  You can come to the belief that something is bad and that ok.  But that does not mean anyone else has to believe the same as you.  And who is to say you are right and they are not?  So you believe murder is bad… why?  How can you know that murder is bad?  It’s only something you can believe.  An opinion.  It’s a good opinion but if it’s your belief then it’s just your opinion.  And no one else has to share it. 

So what can we do to convince others that our beliefs are the right beliefs? We can say that this important person or this smart person or maybe even a king said it was so.  But… so what!  Who are they to tell me what’s right or not.  And I’m sure you could have the same feelings if someone just came up and said this or that.  Drinking tea is evil and it’s how the Devil gets in. Yah, whatever.  I’m not buying it.  So and so said so!  I don’t care.  So and so can piss off. 

People only have the authority we give them.  So if I didn’t give authority to anyone over me I really don’t care what their opinion is. That is why at the beginning of the Ten Commandments it says, “And God said all these words.” This instantly gives weight and merit to what follows.  Gives it the authority that no person can give; no group of people; No government.  

So, let’s look at the Ten Commandments as they are commonly understood.
1.       You shall have no other Gods before me
2.       You shall not make idols
3.       You shall not take the Lords name in vain
4.       Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy
5.       Honor your Mother and Father
6.       Do not commit murder
7.       Do not commit adultery
8.       Do not steal
9.       Do not bear false witness against your neighbors
10.     Do not covet

The first nine talk about actions.  Things you physically do.  Six through nine talk about actions you take against other people.  The last is the only one that talks about thoughts.  What is covet?  It is to want something that someone else has.  It is not want something like what someone else has.  To want can be good or bad.  It could motivate you to do well and get one like it for yourself.  It could cause you to lose hope and come to desperate measure to acquire it.  Not good. But to covet means to want the thing that another has and make it your own.  To want their thing.  Not yours.  Not one you are free to get.  But to want another’s possession. 

If we could live without covetous thought then we wouldn’t steal, adulter and it would eliminate many reasons murders and false witness occurs. When looking at the original Aramaic and translating directly to modern English you will notice many inconsistencies between what we have learned as the Ten Commandments and what was actually said.

I always find these interesting. 

You should look into it for yourself some time.
 I could go on and on and I have already begun to ramble.  If you’d like to continue the discussion or have questions please feel free to reply to this thread.  
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