Conspiracy Theory

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How do you tell people about in inconvenient truth without sounding like a conspiracy theorist? 

For years I watched as people, seemed like everyone I knew, became more and more enamored with social media and their smart phones.  A generation that no longer really knew how to interact with others in real life and were always waiting the next instant gratification from their new vice.  Now, after studies and co-creators have come forward we know that this was not only the case but it was intentional. 

Several people from key positions in well-known organizations have come forward describing what they did, how they did it, why they did it and what they see it has become. We think of Google and face book as search engines and places to hang out with friends.  And that’s exactly what we were meant to think!  Teams of engineers and psychologists have set around tracking everything you do, look up and click and complied huge data files on you.  Yes you.  And they use this to manipulate you, your behavior, choices and the way you think. Like training a dog with treats for good behavior you are rewarded by “likes” and followers.  And you are grouped with other people who are similarly controlled into groups so that you feed each other and spread whatever message or group think they want. 

It is designed to be addicting.  Mentally addictive and subtle so that you do not realize it is even happening. Look for yourself about the psychology behind Like buttons, click bait, deep fakes, social cliques, instant gratification and then follow the time lines.  See how as things are added and or created the general populace begins to trend one way or another.  Depressions and feelings of disconnectedness begin to surge.  Physical social events decline. We have become more divided and intolerant than ever before even though we live in one of the most prosperous and peaceful times in human history. 

Do yourself a big favor, learn about social media and its effects on you and the general populace. Look at your lifestyle in comparison to previous decades. Your beliefs and why you hold them. Are you better off now?
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