Religion and Concerts

11 months 2 weeks ago #3385 by Wescli Wardest
I had a thought the other day that I have meant to write about since. 

I saw myself at a rock concert, in my head, and there were lots of people there enjoying themselves.
Some thought the music was great.
Some liked the lead singer.
Some thought the drummer or guitarist were hot.
Some were just there to do drugs and dance around. 
But everyone was enjoying themselves. 

They all had different ideas of what made the concert or rock group "good".
And they talked about it amongst themselves with enthusiasm and smiles on their faces. 
They didn't call each other evil, fascist, racist, or any other hateful term flung around today by people that disagree with each other. 

My thought was this...
How come people can behave the same about religion?
Especially the monotheistic Abrahamic religions.  They all worship the same God.  May have different prophets, disciples, sacred sites but those are just different lead singers, drummers, songs, dance moves what have you.  It is still the same band playing the same venue.

How many reasonable people, and I said REASONABLE, have wanted to ostracize another because they listen to a type of music you don't like?  I'm not a fan of modern rap but I don't want to kill people that listen to it.  I want it banned from the air waves or denied the ability to have concerts. 

There are types of music that I believe are not good for the individual.  They are not conducive to a healthy way of life or community. But, they have just as much right to exist as any other.  As a fan, my job is to show others how good the music I listen to and sing is and maybe others will like what they see and hear and add it to their repertiore.  

And this is where we come to my explanation as to why I believe this. I believe in freedom.  Freedom has two sides.  One side is you get to choose and the other side is you have to face the consequences of your choices.  You can succeed and you can fail.  You can feast and you can starve. You can listen to one kind of music and make a life fore yourself or you can listen to another kind of music and make a different kind of life for yourself.  It is for you to choose and you to experience the ramifications of that choice. And here's the real beauty of freedom, if you don't like the outcome of your first choice, you can chose again.  Pick something different!  
No one holds the secrets to life.  No one has done it perfectly.  And no one gets out alive LOL.  All we can do is the best we can.  Does that mean the best we can for ourselves?  For others?  For our future?  That is really up to the individual and no one else.  No one can tell you what your priorities are or should be.  Those priorities are purely subjective to the individual; just like their taste in music. 

I will leave it here for now.  
And I look forward to comments and arguments ;)
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11 months 2 weeks ago #3386 by Serenity
Replied by Serenity on topic Religion and Concerts
Life is like music, we don't get a program upfront, and we all dance to different tunes. The trick is to respect eachothers dance and talk about what it is to you. As long as your dance is not damaging anyone , i say dance brother , dance ;) 
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