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The other side is evil was created by Wescli Wardest
Why hello, 

You found yourself here, you did so by either fate or blind luck, chance.  We do not advertise, recruit or promote ourselves.  Rather you believe it or not you are the ones I feel will save society.  The ones able to conserve what we hold most dear as the world marches on. 

As one of my favorite authors says, “anger is the Devils cocaine.”  Anger never comes from a good place.  And it only leads to hate which causes us to use violence as our tool of choice and eventually destruction.  No one ever saw someone being violent towards others and inspired them to do good.  Maybe they inspired more violence, or more hate.  Those that are angry only see what makes them angry; everywhere they look.  Those that hate only see what they hate everywhere they look.  That hate, that anger must constantly be fed. So that when something is said it can only be heard from the point of how it effects what angers or harbors hate.  And that anger must be justified; the hate must be defended.  And causing them to do so only generates more anger and hate.

That doesn’t mean we never feel anger.  And I would either be a fool or a liar if I tried to convince you otherwise.  But we do let it go.  We do not let it lead our decisions, choices or lives. We do not hate our rivals.  We may not understand what causes them to be so, think so or act so; but, we do not hate them for it.  It may frustrate the hell out of us sometimes but as members of this order we either understand or are learning that these are just passing feelings.  That we do not have to let them rule us.  And that those that would do us harm do so not because they themselves are evil.  Maybe influenced by intents that we reject but it is not what is in their hearts?

We strive to have humble hearts.  Only through humility can we find peace even when all seems to be against us.  Those that believe they can change the world, that their vote matters, they need to be heard have lost humility and embraced arrogance.  They know what is best. They have the answers.  They should be heard because their voice is the one that matters.  We know that we are not omnipotent. We do not have all the answers.  We do not know what is best for everyone.  Sometimes we don’t even know what is best for us. What we do know is that no matter what, each of us has a choice.  It is the only thing we have that no one can ever take away from us.  We may not like the hand that is dealt us.  We may feel like it is not fair.  But there is nothing we can do about that.  All we can do is choose what to do with the time we have.  What am I going to do?  What will you do? 

I choose to spread peace.  Bring joy to others.  Show love.  Bring hope to those that have lost it.  Be a beacon of light in dark times.  And forgotten in times of peace and plenty.  Take no reward for my actions.  Expect nothing in return for my efforts.  And have times when I have to stand alone for what I believe.  Not only is this the way for members of the Monastic Order of Knights but I believe it is the true way for all good people.   Inauguration day is coming shortly.  Rather you look forward to that day or not there are lots of people out there that need your light.  Go be that beacon of hope.  Be kind to others.  Show them you are not like what they fear.  Be generous and show that you are not selfish.  Be helpful and show people they are not and will not be alone.  Be humble and let no one believe you are vain. 

Peace be with you my friends,
Knight Commander,

Wescli Wardest

Aka. Wes
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